In our effort to continuously offer the best for our athletes, we have partnered with Firefly to bring the latest recovery technology to our athletes competing on the national level. We are proud to be one of only two places in the Sacramento region to offer firefly; the other being the Sacramento Kings



As part of the Therabody family, we are proud to supply our athletes with the best recovery tools including Theragun, Wave vibrating foam rollers, RecoverAir, and PowerDot systems to keep them ready to compete at all times



Designed For Every Body. CLMBR is the new gold standard for climbing machines, guiding you through workouts to maximize your time.LEAD is excited to offer CLMBR to those in the Roseville/Rocklin community as the best new way to develop energy systems

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With the leader in sports fuel, we are able to keep our athletes hydrated as well as utilize their cutting edge tools to measure our athletes' hydration and keep them performing at their best. After an intense training session, we rely on the Gatorade line to refuel and recover


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Nutrishop Roseville

NUTRISHOP is a pivotal part of what we do at LEAD by helping us provide nutrition and supplement advice to our athletes while also providing body composition testing so we have a better understanding of how to better serve our athletes

Lean Feast Rocklin

With LEANFEAST we are able to supply our athletes with the nutrition they need to refuel after an intense workout. LEAD is the only training facility in the Sacramento area to offer a holistic training program that includes training, recovery, and meals in one place

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Restore - Roseville Fountains

RESTORE is the premier destination for recovery and wellness. Our partnership with them sees that our athletes have access to their top-of-the-line services to recover quicker and get back to what they are best at


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High School Coaches

Give your team the collegiate weight room experience with high-level strength and performance training. LEAD is proud to work with multiple local youth programs by providing them with the resources that only the pros have, for absolutely FREE.